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The Utopia Between Youth and Adulthood

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Lost Between Here And There

I don’t want much from life, but this would be good.

I don’t want much from life, but this would be good.

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Confessions of a Coffee addict.

I’m British, so the statement I love coffee more than I love tea is pretty dangerous. At worst for saying it I can be done for treason and brainwashed into becoming a devoted traditional tea drinker against my will and at best shunned by the people I know as I am followed by a sea of disgusted whispers where ever I go. Consequently I would be grateful if you could all keep this little confession under your hat, it will save me having a bright light shined in my eyes as I am interrogated by the UK Department of M.S.T.O.S.T. (Maintenance of Stereotypes, Traditions and Other Silly Things.) 

    It may have taken me 21 years and some intensive therapy but I am ready to admit that coffee is amazing…. and I might be a little bit addicted to it. Not in a bad way, caffeine has never given me a buzz in fact coffee tends to send me to sleep(?!) and despite the fact I can quite happily drink 6 or 7 cups in a day, I don’t have any negative effects if I don’t get my 6 or 7 hits. I assume this is because I’m young and not some sort of oddity. I just really, really, really-really, REALLY adore coffee. 

   Coffee is wonderfully versatile as a hot beverage, you can have it for breakfast, mid-morning, for dessert and in the evening, coffee is basically a marvellous treat that is good at anytime of the day. It oozes warm and fuzzy feelings and has a fabulous smell that is so iconic there is a saying about it. The one taste that can be altered a hundred ways and still is worth waiting in obscene queues and paying for. 

   “Wanna have coffee?” are three words that are truly enticing, whether it’s to get on the right side of your boss at work, taking a break from the pressures of shopping life or someone just being nice; they are lovely words. There is nothing more pleasing than hearing them from a friend, to have a good old catch up, or that tickle of anticipation when someone special asks. Coffee at these times is awesome.

  I get excited by a tall mug of steaming black coffee, no matter when, where or how I am having it. I regularly declare undying love for someone who produces coffee for me; it is the quickest way to my heart.  I only have great associations with coffee, to this day my favourite birthday cake was coffeecake with coffee frosting and I am now devoted the person who made it.  I have memories of making mugs of coffee with friends and taking them to the ruins of a castle to watch the sunset. I have written brilliant essays with the help of coffee. I honestly believe if I had enough coffee there is nothing I couldn’t do.           

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