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The Utopia Between Youth and Adulthood

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Lost Between Here And There

Phone calls

I don’t like phone calls, I don’t know why, I have a great phone manner and fantastic communication skills or so my boss tells me. I would however prefer to do everything by text and email, I think there is something odd about verbal communication that doesn’t have a face or visual. I think that is why I am such a huge fan of Skype, it’s free, I can see the person I’m talking to and I can see how my friends from all around the world are growing and changing.

 There are some aspects I do like about phone calls such as the late night phone; when it’s late and you have overwhelming urge to call someone you really care about, the urge to share something that just won’t wait till the morning. Late at right is when the hardest laughter is shared, the dangerous secrets are told, the darkest fears come to light and the beautiful, everlasting discussions are had. In the darkness there is there is just the two of you in all the world, it doesn’t matter how far apart you are under that black night.

I love it when a number appears on your screen, one that you haven’t seen in an age that makes you smile because that number represents a person that’s just amazing.  I love the phone calls where you talk about nothing and suddenly it’s three hours later. I adore the phone calls where there is news that makes me shout for joy and no one but me has any idea what is going on. The phone calls, it’s amazing how hearing a voice on the end of the phone that’s sleepy, lazy, happy or overly excited communicating something  that is such a joy to hear, it simply makes you glow.    

I remember being a teenager and knowing my best friend’s home numbers before everything was done by mobiles. I don’t even dislike the time where I stare at my phone willing it to call because it just reminds me that the world is just fantastically connected and that maybe I should woman up and call first. I get why people are attached to their phones, it’s that reassuring connection to the rest of the world and more importantly to the people they love.           

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Dub Down’s are always a good time :) Spring Frenzyyyyy.


Dub Down’s are always a good time :) Spring Frenzyyyyy.

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Friends are like your favourite artwork: beautiful.

     I honestly believe that if you’re not happy with how people treat you, change the people you know. Friends are allowed to break your heart but only if they rebuild it bigger and better. It doesn’t matter how close you are what matters is that at the end of the day you’ll be there for them and that they will be there for you. What matter is that they will drive cross countries or change their plans (or at least give it serious thought). When you are with a friends you should be happy and at peace and if you aren’t move on and treasure the memories because friends mean something.    

    Friends are the people we share our lives with; the people we choose to share our lives with. They have intimate knowledge of our hearts and a unique understanding of our bizarre minds. Friends mean something because they choose to care; they are acquainted with every frustrating and irritable detail about you and yet still choose to be there for you. Friends are people who know your faults and still have time for you; you tell you when you have something stuck in your teeth because they are interested in the little things you do as well as the big. True friends are the foolish individuals who, even after they have advised and helped, stick around to pick up the pieces when you still mess up. Friends are people who have been there for you and if you are careful they will be there in the future, to watch, to be there on your great occasions, to tell your stories to people who don’t know you.

   Friends are the people who don’t share in wonderful times but makes times wonderful by their presence. They make seeing the seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time and sharing the sun setting over it the best day of your life. They make leaving everything you know to study somewhere completely different and new the greatest adventure of your life. They make you school days the defining moment of your life. They make you feel that the world is yours, they fill you up with love of life and you know there is nothing better than when you shine together.

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